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MMM Systems has a vested interest a beauty pagent system called America's Regal Gems www.americasregalgems.com . This pagent system has been profitably operating for over 7 years. Most of the pagents are held at the Sheraton Hotel at the Bradly international airport. This is the only hotel in the US that has a lobby inside the airport terminal. Ariving contestants walk off the plane into the hotel lobby. This feature is very convinetant with no need for a car rental or taxi. The offcial web site is www.americasregalgems.com The Learning Channel (TLC) sent a film crew and has been airing a documentary conducting interviews with pageant contestants and the Americas Regal Gems pageant preperation and real time on stage process. The photo was taken at a pageant showing the contestants after they have received awards. THIS LINK IS UNDER CONTRUCTION; photos will be added.



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